Numerical control machines supported (CNC)

Our CAD/CAM solutions support a large number of numerical control machinery of all the world's major CNC machinery manufacturers:





So, with the CAM environment is possible to generate programs for a large number of machinery with different type of numerical controls, such as CNI-RTCOM, XNC500, XNC1000, Biesse CID and CIDx, TRIA, KVARA, XILOG3, XILOG4, XilogPlus, Osai 8600-8601, Osai Serie 10, Osai Open, Siemens, Bosh, ESA and more. In any case, please contact ATool Software  providing your machine model and type of CNC equipment used so that we can check your machine's support and assess your particular needs/case. ATool Software has the ability to create post-processors for almost all machines not yet managed, provided it has the necessary technical information.

PARTNER/ASPAN (PRO) and ToolCAM allow you to manage multiple machine configurations, without the need to use other programs or different work environments, giving the possibility to easily switch available configurations and generate part-program for more CNC machines from the same drawing. So, when a new CNC machine is added to the production line, it is possible to manage it within PARTNER/ASPAN and ToolCAM integrating an additional machine configuration. For the new machine will be immediately available your entire archive of drawings and programs previously generated, and it will not be necessary to use a new program to manage it, saving both the cost of a completely new program and the time needed to learn the new software and recreate an adequate library of drawings and programs.

For SCM and Biesse CNC machinery, machine and tooling configuration is also made easy by an import procedure for configuration data directly from the machine. This operation allows the user to be up and running in a few and simple steps without wasting time with long setting procedures.



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